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Coagh Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial 2013- WW1 - Panel 2
Listed on Memorial
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01 20235 Pte. McAllister, John (Jack) R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 09/09/1917
2 02 24271 Pte. McGall, Joseph R Inn Fus 10th Battalion 01/07/1916
3 03 241643 Pte. McGaw, William V Seaforth 9th Battalion 25/07/1917
4 04 66782 Pte. McGuckin, Paul M.G.C 141st Company 20/05/1917
5 06 17808 Pte. McMullan, John R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 08/05/1916
6 07 32788 Pte. McReynolds, Thomas Alex Warwick 16th Battalion 09/10/1917
7 08 26124 Pte. McVeigh, John R Irish Fus 1st Battalion 23/03/1918
8 09 11083 Pte. Mitchell, James R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 29/03/1918
9 10 20815 Pte. Mitchell, Joseph R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 07/06/1917
10 11 21296 Corp Mitchell, Robert Thomas R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 06/08/1917
11 12 29062 Pte. Mitchell, Robert R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 30/05/1918
12 13 11084 Sgt. Mitchell, William T R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 09/09/1916
13 14 3035 Pte. O'Neill, Francis R Inn Fus 2nd Battalion 29/03/1915
14 15 9357 Corp O'Neill, Joseph Connaught 5th Battalion 06/12/1915
15 16 3080100 Pte. O'Neil, Patrick Can Inf 24th Battalion 27/08/1918
16 17 12124 Pte. O'Neill, Peter R Inn Fus 1st Battalion 30/05/1915
17 18 Pte. Rice, Samuel R Inn Fus
18 19 13890 Pte. Sands, Robert R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 08/05/1916
19 20 23667 Pte. Shields, George R Inn Fus 7th Battalion 01/07/1916
20 21 9419 R/man Sweeney, Patrick R Irish Rif 1st Battalion 09/05/1915
21 22 Lieut Wallace, Robert Cecil SA Inf 10th Regiment 31/05/1916
22 23 751 R/man White, John R Irish Rif 14th Battalion 07/12/1917
23 24 4679 R/man Wright, Robert James R Irish Rif 14th Battalion 01/07/1916
24 25 28498 Pte. Young, Samuel R Inn Fus 9th Battalion 26/06/1917
Date Unveiled:
Coagh Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial 2012 lies at the junction of the main street and the B160 in the centre of Coagh.
Memorial History
From the Mid Ulster Mail. Thursday 30 May 2013.
The War Memorial in Coagh was officially unveiled on Sunday 26th May 2013 during a poignant ceremony to mark those who died during the two world wars.
The unveiling ceremony was attended by one hundred people as well as a group of dignitaries including Royal British Legion Cookstown Branch Chairperson Trevor Carson and Cookstown District council Chairman Tony Quinn.
Also present were DUP MLA Ian McCrea, Ulster Unionist Councillors Trevor Wilson and Robert Kelly and the DUP’s Sam McCartney.
Heads were bowed as the crowd paid their respects to the brave men and women who were killed in the conflicts of World War One (1914-1818) and World War Two (1939-1945).
The monument, situated in the main street, is inscribed with the words “Lest We Forget” and underneath it states “Coagh soldiers and sailors war memorial”. It contains the names of those from the area who perished during the wars.
A service in Tamlaght Parish Church also formed part of the proceedings and it allowed people to further pay respect.
A wreath was laid by RBL chairperson Trevor Carson and the congregation sang hymns and listened to scripture readings.
Coagh & District in WW1