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683906   Private Alexander Beatty
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Personal Details
Labour Corps (British Army)
Date Of Birth:
 (Survived The War)
Alexander Beattie was the son of Henry and Eliza Beattie. He was born in Ballydawley on 20th May 1886. He was one of eight children, seven surviving. They were a farming family. Alexander was employed in Messrs Elliott & Sons for a time. Around 1908, Alexander emigrated to the America. Prior to enlisting, Alexander was employed as a grocer in Philadelphia. He enlisted in Philadelphia in March 1918. It seems that because of varicose veins, he never got to the front. After demobilisation in February 1919, Alexander Beattie returned to Philadelphia.
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Local Memorial Details
No Memorial Name Townland
1 Coagh Orange Hall - WW1 Panel 1 (Served) Coagh
References and Links
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1 1901 Census lists Beattie family Lists Alexander as age 14 living with the family at house 11 in Ballydawley, Springhill, Londonderry
2 1911 Census lists Beattie family Does not list Alexander as living with the family at house 5 in Ballydawley, Springhill, Londonderry
3 1940 USA Census Possible reference to Alexander Beattie
4 (subscription) Private Alexander Beattie Military Papers (20 pages)
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