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41260   Private Thomas H Rollins
Dated added: 01/06/2017
Last updated: 21/04/2019
Personal Details
9th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers (British Army)
Date Of Birth:
 (Survived The War)
Thomas Rollins was the son of Mary Ann Rollins. He was born in the Coagh area. His father died when he was very young. His mother remarried. They went on to have five children. His step-father died in 1907. Thomas Henry and his mother worked a farm with her young family. By April 1915, Private Thomas Rollins was serving with the North Irish Horse. In September 1917, he transferred to the Royal Irish Fusiliers.
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Local Memorial Details
No Memorial Name Townland
1 Coagh Orange Hall - WW1 Panel 2 (Served) Coagh
References and Links
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1 1901 Census lists Thomas Rollins Lists Thomas as age 9 at house 12 in Drumad, Coagh, Tyrone
2 1911 Census lists Thomas H Rollins Lists Thomas Henry as age 19 at house 11 in Drumad, Coagh, Tyrone
3 National Archives UK Medal card can be purchased here
4 North Irish Horse Thomas Rollins transferred to the Royal Irish Fusiliers
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